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As the author of “Verge Of Emotion” and the only participant of Silivren Max Bogachev says, the material from his project was originally conceived as vocal-instrumental, but due to some insurmountable difficulties, the band's debut EP and the current long-play were completely instrumental. Personally, I am only glad to this circumstance. The fact is that the music of the composition is so ethereal and airy, that if it is framed with lyrics and words, then this verbal facade should be recorded exclusively in Sindarin, Quendi or some other magical language, and the vocal tracks should have been no weaker. than with Almora or Caprice, to achieve something with a limited budget and funds would be difficult.

Magic, elves, distant worlds - such associations come to mind when you begin to get acquainted with the work of Silviren. If two years ago, during the time of their debut, the team clearly relied on heavy and power metal, now the composition of the sound palet ... Read more »

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